PUMA Rainbow Bright Betty Sneaker

The shoes of the day’s first Betty shoe review. Why did I choose this shoe for the first Betty post?

Four reasons:

  1. The Puma OSU was recommended by one of our fantastic readers, thanks! (Better functionality is coming for all of you to send the shoes you would like me to rate, rant and review — stay tuned. For now, simply leave a comment below with a shoe that you would like a review written about.)
  2. Shoe of many colors. Most smart guys know not to limit the ladies. I wonder if Donny‘s wife has a pair of these. I’ll call her tomorrow. Honestly Betty, think of the outfits you could accessor-izzle with these! I would imagine that these shoes would be a good go-to when in outfit distress. The most difficult decision for you now becomes which eye-liner, purse, bracelet, watch, nail polish, hat, earrings, shirt, belt, pants and socks to complement them.
  3. Puma makes funky shoes. I appreciate that they aren’t afraid to explore different materials, designs and COLORS. They even offer a Mongolian BBQ for the truly shoe hungry.
  4. I have wanted to use the word “Betty” and “Sneaker” in the same sentence for a long time. Check.

Enjoy the shoes of the day: The Puma OSU

Puma OSU Women’s Sneakers

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