sabertooth sandal and outdoor gear

sabertooth is outdoor footwear made in bandung indonesia. Sabertooth is the new generation product of Dody, that already known as Bandung Legendary Mountain Footwear, cause we are the pioneer of this type of product since 1978.

Sabertooth came with new improved design and best premium material that will provide foot comfort, suitable style in many occasion and strentgh sandals in all situation.

Sabertooth also the first and the only one product that offer many stylish colours in upper sole design of footwear, like black, brown, grey and maroon.

So start your next adventure with the leader in outdoor and recreational footwear, Sabertooth sandals from Dody Sports System.
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sneaker town sneaker summit!

this sneaker summit make me tough that it was sneaker town, there are many sneaker there, and you can choose whatever sneaker you like. many sneaker maker like adidas, nike, puma, converse, spotec, gummo and there are many brands you can see.

Sneaker Freaker Best of the Best 2010

Each year, Sneaker Freaker Magazine compiles Best of the Best, their annual list of the year's best sneakers as chosen by the creme de la creme of sneakerheads from around the world. Previous years have included some of the biggest sneaker fiends including everyone from A-Trak to Claw Money. So when Mafia contacted me about taking part in this year's feature, I was nothing less than humbled. And scared.
Because facts are facts - I seriously hadn't had any new sneakers since Mum gave me a pair of Nike Air Trainer SC Highs for Christmas last year. Alarm bells started ringing in my head that as much as I wanted to be part of Best of the Best, I just didn't have the stock to follow through. And besides that, I hadn't seen a pair I liked all year.

Thankfully for me, I'd been keeping an eye on what new sneakers were coming out - and the other eye on my boy Andy Cee's Twitter feed - so I took note when an unusual pair of Australian-grown Reeboks (otherwise known as the HAL x Reebok GL6000s) appeared on the scene. They went on to be the obvious (and only!) contender for my best of 2010.
Given the retro feel of the GL6000s (and the fact I'd been watching Mad Men like a fiend), I decided to put together a retro-inspired look for my photo shoot. And thanks to the fantastic camera skills of pin-up Melbourne-based photographer Helen McLean, my 'Hot & Fresh' concept (based on 1950s baking pin-up girls) came to life (despite my nerves about directing myself in a photo shoot!).
Behind the scenes...
But it doesn't end there. Here's a sneak peek of some of the other photos from the shoot that didn't quite make it onto the pages of Sneaker Freaker...

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HAL x Rebook GL6000
For a sneaker collector, I’ve copped relatively few sneakers this year. In fact, I’ve collected none. Maybe it’s the comedown from my 2009 sneaker overdose (30-something pairs), but there hasn’t been a single pair this year that’s tickled my fancy. That was until my boy Andy Cee posted a most intriguing pair on Twitter a while back. He told me his cousin in Perth had designed them. Yeah right, I thought, another one of Andy’s tall stories.
They were indeed designed by his cousin and I had egg on my face. Speaking of eggs, they say once you bake a cake, you can’t add ingredients. And no matter how good it looks, you know it’s going to taste like shit if you forget the eggs. Thankfully the fellas at Highs and Lows (HAL) got the ingredients just right when they cooked up this fifth birthday treat - the HAL x Reebok GL6000. A close relative of the Phase II and Classic Nylon, the GL6000 was recently pulled out of retirement and offered to Highs and Lows for their very first collab. Designed by Scott from HAL and designer Stephen Vetten, the shoe draws on the classic style shared by the entire HAL crew. Featuring a red, black and grey colourway inspired by the HAL Mt. Lawley flagship store and a gingham inner taken from the shop bag, the shoe reflects the HAL brand to a tee. And given that 6000 is HAL’s local postal code, the HAL x GL6000 is a match made in... Perth.
But as the old saying goes, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. And this is a slice of cake I won’t ever get to taste, because the smallest size these beauties come in is a mens US8. So quite literally, 2010 has been a year of Highs (finally finding a shoe I like) and Lows (not being able to have it).
– Cheech Sanchez, Sneaker Freaker Best of the Best 2010
Helen Mclean Photography:

new adidas sneaker product | porsche design

the new adidas sneaker product are porsche design. the design are collaboration between adidas and car maker porsche. adidas sneaker new producta are always great.
adidas porsche design

skateboarding sneakers

this sneaker below are snakers image related to skateboarding
nike skateboard sneaker
skateboard sneaker
skateboard sneaker
another nike skateboard sneaker

twitter sneaker
twitter sneaker
another creative nike sneaker from creative sneaker designer

nike google sneaker
do you think google sneaker are sneaker based technology application related to google earth or google street? no! this is only creative sneaker from sneaker designer :)

sneaker and sneaker again
just another sneaker image got from google sneaker :)

Nike Sportswear Air Moc ACG Spring sneaker

nike sneaker

It’s been awhile since we have actually seen some slip-ons from Nike Sportswear, but we aren’t here to complain. The slip-on is titled the Air Moc ACG and is set to release as part of Nike Sportwears Spring 2011 Collection. Luckily we’re introduced to two colorways of the Air Moc, one featuring a black upper with a white sole, while the other comes to us in what looks to be a white upper, along with a black sole. Both uppers will be also include a triangular pattern with a small Nike swoosh placed on the side. No official release date but we can predict these to release sometime in the Spring.

Vans California Chukka Spring 2011 sneaker

van's sneaker blue

Vans has brought back one of their most liked sneakers ever released, their Chukka. The sneaker is coming to us in three fairly bold colorways which is set to release Spring 2011. Colors you can expect to release are navy, white, and beige, all of which are expected to come to us in a canvas upper. Vans has decided to change one factor and that is the leather laces. I feel as if the leather gives the sneaker a very casual look. Look for these to release in the near future. Check out all the colorways below and tell us what you think.

van's sneaker white

van's sneaker grey

classic sneaker
classic sneaker

sneaker sneaker sneaker!

sneaker sneaker sneaker for sneaker collector!
sneaker #1
sneaker #2
sneaker #3
sneaker #4
sneaker #5
sneaker #6


The Campus has long been a Japanese fave, so it's only fitting that it makes its way into adidas' OT (Originals Tokyo) lineup. Crisp and colour savvy as is the OT way, this striking suede and canvas trio feature a novel suede toe cap and the familiar OT saw-tooth pattern rising up the rear heel ribbon.